About Deathmark

Deathmark was a final project for the Unversity of Michigan's class EECS 494: Computer Game Design and Development taught by Jeremy Gibson. Progress started on March 17th, 2014 and Deathmark was showcased with other similar projects on April 25th of the same year. The project was developed in Unity with models built in Maya and Blender.

Special Thanks

  • Dastardly Banana LLC for the first person shooter base
  • Erin Marshall for the main theme music
  • Jesse Kardon for the boss battle music

The Team

Nick Babcock

Self proclaimed programming aficionado, Nick's expertise lie in software development, web development, and languages such as C# and python. His role in the project consisted maintaining the source control in a git repo and disseminating his knowledge on the subject to his teammates. In addition, he designed and implemented data logging in the online build of Deathmark, so that the developers could view where players activated the deathmark and died the most. Nick is also the main author of the postmortem.


Ian Propper

Thomas Seidel

Tyler Stokes

Mark Mevorah